Books for March and April

Almost all of these books were read in March, as April found me mainly reading things that didn’t have covers.

Uglies by Scott Westerfield [4.5/5]

This was my first Scott Westerfield book, and I thought it definitely lived up to the hype. The writing was smooth, the characters engaging, and it never gave the sense of somehow talking down to it’s audience simply because it’s nominally a YA book. Highly recommended.

The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson [3.5/5]

There are some great ideas here, but I thought the novel started a lot more strongly than it finished, and I didn’t find the resolution of the plot to be at all satisfying.

Snake Agent: A Detective Inspector Chen Novel by Liz Williams [4/5]

I liked the combination of police procedural and Chinese mythology, and I found the characters to be engaging. There were times though that I thought things weren’t quite as well paced as they might have been, but it was still a fun read.

Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy edited by Ekaterina Sedia [5/5]

I already reviewed this one here.

As-yet-unpublished manuscripts read:

  • The House of Discarded Dreams by Ekaterina Sedia
  • 1 non-client ms. for Jenn

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