March movies

Becoming Jane [2/5] [Amazon]

I found the film adaptations of both Sense and Sensibility and Emma to be charming enough, but this account of the life of Jane Austen herself was just tedious.

His Girl Friday [4/5] [Amazon]

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell trading great dialogue make this classic screwball comedy a must-see, even if the DVD transfer definitely left something to be desired.

No Country for Old Men [5/5] [Amazon]

Wow. This was just amazing, and in my opinion it more than deserved all four of its Oscars. It’s an astonishing piece of work, with a feel that’s all its own, and an ending that was perfectly suited to the rest of the film. I also think it may have been the first time that Tommy Lee Jones gave a performance I actually liked. See it!

Enchanted [4/5] [Amazon]

While Enchanted was gently poking fun at Disney fairy tales it was a lot of fun, and Amy Adams was excellent in the starring role. Then toward the end the movie began to take itself too seriously, which made it less fun. I also didn’t find Patrick Dempsey to be the best choice for the love interest/straight man. Overall though, it’s a good time.

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