My 2007 books (finally)

Since I haven’t posted about books since the second day of 2007 [yikes!], I thought it was probably worth posting something about the books I read last year. This list includes only the published stuff, and so to some extent it underrepresents the time I actually spent, and the order is roughly the order I read them in, though I’m a bit hazy on the exact sequence.

Cursor’s Fury by Jim Butcher [4/5]
This series keeps getting better.
The Knight by Gene Wolfe [3/5]
I liked the writing, but I hated the protagonist.
Dogs In The Moonlight by Jay Lake [5/5]
An excellent collection of Jay’s stuff, and it includes “The Goat Cutter!”
Bridge of Birds: A Novel of an Ancient China That Never Was by Barry Hughart [4/5]
Richly imagined and amusing.
Dread Empire’s Fall : The Praxis by Walter Jon Williams [4/5]
A great take on space opera, and not as serious about it as some.
All Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories edited by David Moles & Jay Lake [4/5]
A fun bunch of stories built around a fine theme.
A Sundial in a Grave: 1610 by Mary Gentle [3.5/5]
It was just too long for the amount of story it was telling.
Carnival by Elizabeth Bear [4/5]
A well-crafted SF novel with lots to say.
In The Forest Of Forgetting by Theodora Goss [5/5]
Wow. I spent a long time reading this because I wanted to savor every story. Goss’ writing is extraordinary.
Ink: The Book of All Hours by Hal Duncan [4/5]
Not quite as good as Vellum, but still great.
Grey by Jon Armstrong [4/5]
Weird, strange, and good.
The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner [3.5/5]
I liked it, but I think my expectations were too high going in.
Toast by Charles Stross [3.5/5]
Some of the stories were excellent, but some were less so.
Broken Angels by Richard K. Morgan [4/5]
I didn’t like switch from noir SF detective novel (Altered Carbon) to military SF, but it was still good.
Spook Country by William Gibson [4/5]
I think I liked Pattern Recognition better, but this was still darned good.
The First Betrayal (The Chronicles of Josan, Book 1) by Patricia Bray [3.5/5]
A nice start to her newer series.
Un Lun Dun by China Miéville [3.5/5]
I was disappointed with this one, in part because I think the language was toned down too far from what I expect from Miéville.
Undertow by Elizabeth Bear [4/5]
Assassins and froggies and quantum entanglement, oh my!
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle [4/5]
A Wind in the Door by Madeline L’Engle [3.5/5]
A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeline L’Engle [3.5/5]
I hadn’t read these when I was younger, and I think perhaps I’m too old and jaded to properly appreciate them now.
Spaceman Blues: A Love Song by Brian Francis Slattery [5/5]
This just blew me away with its energy, its characters, and its mad love for NYC.
The Secret History of Moscow by Ekaterina Sedia [4/5]
I’d heard good things about this, and it lived up to the raves.
Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link [5/5]
She’s a genius. Great stuff.
The Bone Doll’s Twin (Tamir Trilogy, Book 1) by Lynn Flewelling [4/5]
A nicely done fantasy adventure.
Nekropolis by Maureen McHugh [4/5]
Moving, in a quiet sort of way, and unlike most anything else I’ve read.
Brasyl by Ian McDonald [4.5/5]
I didn’t like the storyline set in the past as well as I did the other two, but overall this was an excellent novel.

Maybe in 2008 I’ll manage to comment on books in a more timely manner, and have more than a sentence to say about them.

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