January books

The Bookman’s Wake (Cliff Janeway Novels) by John Dunning – The lure for this book for me was the extensive information in the world of book-collecting. In that, I was not disappointed. A 1995 New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

The Templar Legacy: A Novel by Steve Berry – I partially bought this because I know the agent who represented it. I think if I had known less about the Templar history myself, this would have been more engrossing, but I have to admit I found myself skimming that exposition and didn’t get as caught up as I wanted to be. Still, the writing was pretty sharp and the characterization nicely done, so I will probably try the other Berry I have in my TBR pile: The Alexandria Link: A Novel.

Glasshouse by Charles Stross – I didn’t like this quite as much as Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise. Partially this may have been because the author’s own biases seemed to be more of a strong undercurrent than previously. I think everyone certainly has a right to express their beliefs, whether through art or otherwise, but I appreciate a slightly subtler approach. It didn’t even have that much to do with whether I agreed with the ideology or not, but more with the fact that I felt the message was overwhelming the story. Still, in terms of is SFnal concepts, it was a compelling read. He sure has one heck of an imagination.

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