My Brightest Diamond at The Space

On Monday night, Jenn and I grabbed some pizza before joining woj for the My Brightest Diamond show at The Space in Hamden, CT. It was the last show of MBD’s Eleven Fingered Tailor Tour, and playing at The Space was a sort of homecoming for Shara Worden, since she’d played the open mic there back in the early days and performed there with AwRY too. I’d actually seen one of those AWrY shows, when they were opening for the Dresden Dolls, but I’d somehow never made the connection between AwRY and MBD until woj pointed it out.

Joining Shara onstage were Nathan Lithgow on bass and Brian Wolfe on drums, while she herself played various guitars and an electric piano. To say it was a great show would probably be something of an understatement. I really like MBD’s debut album, Bring Me The Workhorse, so I thought it’d be a good performance, but I hadn’t realized just how good it would be. Shara’s got a truly stunning voice, and even though she was battling a strep throat her vocals never failed to amaze. She’s also a great guitar player and lots of fun on stage. In addition to a selection of MDB songs, she did a Roy Orbison cover, a Nina Simone cover, and also covered “Tainted Love.” Wow. It was all wonderful, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing My Brightest Diamond again the next time they come around.

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