The Kane Sisters in Newtown, CT

On Friday, Jenn and I made a trip out to the historic Newtown Meeting House in Newtown, CT to see a performance by fiddler players Liz and Yvonne Kane (aka The Kane Sisters). It was another show sponsored by The Shamrock Traditional Irish Music Society, who’ve been responsible for many of the great trad concerts I’ve seen over the past couple of years (not all of which I’ve gotten around to posting about), and this one was certainly a worthy addition to that list.

It was an excellent show, which comes as no surprise, I suppose, since it was two very talented fiddle players having a grand time as they spent more than two hours playing a selection of great tunes in front of an appreciative audience. Music is always better when the performers are having a good time, and they both seemed to be having a blast. They played a bunch of Paddy Fahey‘s tunes, all of which of course had the same name (“Paddy Fahey’s”), several of Ed Reavey’s tunes, which had a variety of names that I don’t now recall, and many others. For the last couple of sets they were joined by a box player, Damien, who’d also joined Patrick and Eamon back at the house concert we went to back in December, and it worked out pretty well despite a complete lack of rehearsal.

Liz and Yvonne are going to be coming back around to perform next Spring, and I’ll be hoping to see them play again. They’re also going to be teaching at both Catskills Irish Arts Week next summer and the Banjo Burke Festival this coming October.

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