May books

A Sundial in a Grave: 1610 by Mary Gentle – MOUS’s?* I don’t believe they exist. [is buried under paper] Which is the reason why I started this book in February, but didn’t finish it until May. Granted, it’s also 672pp long (in the trade edition). It was full of intrigue, secret societies, and history. Reminiscent of Dumas. And paced in the classical sense as well, which is to say that it moved somewhat slowly. I mostly liked the themes, the elements, the writing, but I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to get through it.

Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes – And now for something completely different. Haute couture chick lit. The tale of a Park Avenue Princess in her prime. Full of such gems as “Engagements and divorces are the only things that really make people happy.” Does the girl get the guy? The right guy? Well, eventually. But not without a few detours. The author is a contributing writer to Vogue and the product placement quotient is quite high. As is the consumption of Bellinis.** A New York Times bestseller. And quite a ride.

Now reading: Ink by Hal Duncan.

*manuscripts of unusual size

**A true Bellini is a refreshing drink made with Sparkling Wine and Peach Puree. The Bellini was first invented in 1948 at Harry’s Bar in Venice Italy. Giuseppe Cipriani was the head bartender at the time, and had a strong fondness for for the Italian White Peaches. He worked long and hard trying to develop a perfect cocktail which would use them as a base, then he tried the simple combination of pureed white peaches and prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine), and he knew he had something. from

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