Two Vienna Teng shows

Vienna Teng at University of Hartford
Last week Jenn and I had the pleasure of attending two shows by the talented Vienna Teng.

I have this strange thing going on where Vienna is concerned, where some part of my brain wants to insist that she’s not up in the very top tier of ectophilic musicians. I think it’s mainly because her lyrics tend to be somewhat straightforward and she’s not as musically quirky (or maybe the right word is odd) as some of my other favorite singers. Then every time I see her live, whether she’s playing solo or with a band, I’m just blown away. It was a pattern that repeated itself again this time around.

First up was a concert at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA, where we’d seen Vienna perform once before, opening for Hem. This time she was there with a full band, meaning Marika Hughes on cello, Dina Maccabee on violin and viola (and electric piano) and Alex Wong on percussion, guitar and glockenspiel. They’re an amazing group of musicians, and the arrangements for the songs were just spectacular. Wow. The audience was strangely quiet for most of the show, but the music was great. I’m terrible with set lists, and no one’s conveniently posted one to Vienna’s forums, but highlights included “My Medea,” and “Decade and One” (which I don’t think I’d ever heard live before).

Two days later Vienna performed in Wilde Auditorium on the University of Hartford campus in West Hartford, CT. It was another excellent performance, and this time I do have a set list, thanks to woj:

Blue Caravan
Whatever You Want
The Tower
Unwritten Letter #1
Nothing Without You
Transcontinental 1:30 AM
I Don’t Feel So Well
1br/1ba [w/ 9 to 5 interlude]

Now Three
City Hall
Green Island Serenade [acapella]

Soon Love Soon

A couple of days before the shows I’d asked Vienna if she’d include some of my favorites in her set list, and, though I was greedy enough to suggest five songs, between the two concerts she managed to fit in all of them. Thanks, Vienna! And no, none of them were “Signal Fire.” I still think that’s a great song, but requesting in every time I saw her play was getting to be a bit of a rut. Instead I asked for “Recessional,” “Now Three,” “My Medea,” “Daughter,” and “Decade and One.”

Anyway, after each show there was time for a bit of chatting with Vienna, which is definitely a nice bonus. Now that she’s moved to NYC for a while maybe we’ll run into her at a concert in the city that isn’t one of hers. Imagine that.

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