Rounding out 2006

Now that 2007 has started, I thought it might be a good idea to post about the books I read during the last weeks of 2006. I was also going to include the number of books that I managed to read over the past year, but I didn’t actually keep close enough track for that to work out this time around. Maybe I’ll manage it next year.

Schild’s Ladder: A Novel by Greg Egan [2.5/5]

Some really excellent SFnal ideas, but both the characters and the plot seemed like nothing more than vehicles for the science talk.

Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs [3/5]

The whole forensic anthropology thing is great, though I wish there’d been more effort made to give the protagonist a compelling reason for repeatedly risking her life when she could (and should) have been calling in the cops. I know that having her do things herself is a necessary part of the genre, but I don’t think that lets the author off the hook for providing good reasons for it within the story.

The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque by Jeffrey Ford [3.5/5]

Sometimes it felt like a short story idea drawn out to novel length, and the answer to the book’s mysteries was less impressive than I’d have liked, but the prose was quite good.

Wings to the Kingdom by Cherie Priest [3.5/5]

I didn’t like this as much as I liked her debut novel, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, mainly because the stakes for Eden seemed to be a lot less personal this time out. The prose is still shiny though, and there’s a great sense of atmosphere, so it’s well worth a read if you’ve already read 4&20bb.

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