Netflix 2006

Back in January I decided to sign up for a Netflix account, and that’s resulted in me managing to see a lot more movies this year than I had the last few years. It did not, however, result in me writing more movie reviews.

What follows is a list of all of the movies I’ve rented from Netflix this year, divided into broad categories and rated. There are only a couple of movies that I actively regret having rented, a few I’d seen once before, and quite a few that I’m extremely glad I saw, so I think it was a pretty good year overall.

There’s a reason these are called classics:

White Christmas [4/5]
North by Northwest [5/5]
Bringing Up Baby [5/5]
The Third Man [5/5]

And two more recent ones that I think are in the same league:

Brick [5/5]
The Secret of Roan Inish [5/5]

Some excellent film making:

Crash [4/5]
Syriana [4/5]
Broken Flowers [4/5]
Garden State [4/5]
A History of Violence [4/5]
Good Night, and Good Luck [4/5]

Pretty darned good:

Thank You for Smoking [4/5]
Lucky Number Slevin [4/5]
Never Cry Wolf [4/5]
Big Night [4/5]
V for Vendetta [4/5]
28 Days Later [4/5]
Big Fish [4/5]

Close, but not quite:

Sideways [3/5]
The Constant Gardener [3/5]
Paradise Now [3/5]

A fun time:

Kung Fu Hustle [4/5]
Howl’s Moving Castle [4/5]
The Matador [4/5]
Shaun of the Dead [4/5]
House of Flying Daggers [4/5]
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events [4/5]

Well, they all had some good points:

Emma [3/5]
The Thief Lord [3/5]
The Libertine [3/5]
Taking Lives [3/5]
Artemisia [4/5]
Girl with a Pearl Earring [3/5]
Before Sunrise [3/5]
Valmont [3/5]

That was definitely odd:

Le Samourai [3/5]
Last Life in the Universe [4/5]


Corpse Bride [2/5]
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story

Looking forward to seeing this week:

Little Miss Sunshine

If you’re a movie fan, you owe it to yourself to get a Netflix subscription. I’m certainly glad I did!

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  1. Paul Weimer Says:

    Netflix definitely is a good thing for cinephiles.

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