A Patrick Ourceau & Eamon O’Leary house concert

Patrick Ourceau & Eamon O'Leary perform

On Friday, Jenn and I trekked to the wilds of Monroe, CT, where some very nice people were hosting a concert in their living room on behalf of The Shamrock Traditional Irish Music Society. Fiddler Patrick Ourceau and guitarist Eamon O’Leary were providing the tunes, and it was an exceedingly fine evening of music.

I’d previously seen Eamon perform with Susan McKeown on several occasions, but this was my first time hearing Patrick play. Wow. He’s a great fiddler, and he and Eamon have a rapport that really makes the music even better. It was a small, intimate room (as people’s family rooms tend to be), with an attentive and appreciative audience, and everyone involved seemed to just have a grand time. There was an element of the session to it (which should come as no surprise, what with the whole Live at Mona’s thing), even without the loud talking and clinking of glasses, and Patrick was apparently having quite a fine time of it. At least that’s how it seemed, what with the smiling and the occasional laugh of delight when he’d finish a set of tunes. I also got to hear Eamon sing a couple of songs, which is something he doesn’t do when he’s performing with Susan, so that was a treat.

Toward the end of the evening, Patrick and Eamon were joined by Patrick’s wife (who also plays fiddle) and an accordian player named Damien….whose last name I’ve forgotten. They played a great set, and then next up it was time for the lady of the house to pull out her button box and join Patrick and Eamon for a couple of tunes.

After the show was done, Jenn got the chance to tell Eamon just why we’d seemed so familar when he saw us sitting there, and now I think we can safely add him to the list of Susan McKeown’s bandmates that we’ve had a chance to chat with.

It was definitely a great way to spend a Friday evening, and we even managed not to get too lost getting back to the highway!

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  1. fran snyder Says:

    Nice Blog! Anyone who says nice things about house concerts is a friend of mine.




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