Vienna Teng at The Living Room

Last night Jenn and I joined our friends woj and Meredith in a trek down to NYC to see the amazing Vienna Teng perform at The Living Room.

It was a dark and stormy night, but luckily the rain at least held off for part of the trip down. Once it did start raining though, it truly sucked. My thanks to woj for taking care of the scary driving, and to Jenn for buying us all pizza beforehand.

Fortunately, Vienna’s show was definitely worth the trouble it took to get there. Not that we’d ever really doubted it would be. The set was as follows (courtesy of woj):

Nothing Without You
Whatever You Want
That’s Where I’ll Be [Bryan Webb] [w/Sanders Bohlke on vocals]
Now Three
Homecoming (Walter’s Song)
Green Island Serenade
Atheist Christmas Carol
1br/1ba [w/Jim Batcho on drums]
City Hall
Hope On Fire

It would have been nice to get “Recessional” in there too, but it was still a great set, and Vienna was in fine form. We also all enjoyed getting the chance to hang out and talk with her some after the show, which had the added bonus that by the time we left The Living Room the worst of the rain was over.

Vienna’s going to be around NYC for the next few weeks, so if you’re at some cool show in the city and think you see her, you probably do, as she has great taste in music. She’s also got a few more shows coming up in the area herself (after Thanksgiving), so be sure to check out the tour section of her website for the latest on that.

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