Christine Fellows at Pearl Street Clubroom

Last night Jenn and I made the trip up to Northampton, MA, to see the wonderful Christine Fellows open for The Mountain Goats at the Pearl Street Nightclub.

It was one of those rare cases where I’m willing to shell out for a show even though I only want to see the opening act. Not that I have anything against The Mountain Goats, they’re just not my cup of tea. I wasn’t about to miss the chance to see Christine perform though, since I think this is actually the first time she’s ever played around here.

After dining on yak at Lhasa, we made our way over to the hole that is the clubroom at Pearl Street. It was my first time there, and it was quite the dive. The room was a dark and dingy little space, complete with crappy booze and plastic cups, and more suited for seeing loud rock bands than for the sort of quirky music that Christine plays.

Maybe the venue was the reason that I was left feeling like seeing Christine live wasn’t all that much better than listening to her CDs. Of course, since I really like her CDs, that means I liked the show, but it wasn’t what I’d been hoping for after reading about some of her performances elsewhere.

I’m not very good at set lists, but I can say that I think Christine did one or two new songs during her 30-35 minute set, a bunch of material from paper anniversary, and maybe one song off of the last one standing. I’d have liked to hear more of the stuff from her first two albums, but since paper anniversary is about to get a U.S. release I can see why she’d want to feature it.

Overall, it was a good show and I’m glad I went. I hope though that someday I’ll have the chance to see Christine play a full show in a quieter setting.

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