Cinderella Rules

Cinderella Rules by Donna Kauffman

Rancher Darmilla “Darby” Landon is tapped by her younger sister Pepper to play hostess to one of her father’s business associates among the trendy D.C. set. One makeover at Glass Slipper, Inc. later, she’s ready to take on sexy but sinister Stefan Bjornsen. But she’s unprepared for her run-in with Shane Morgan, reluctant heir to his grandmother’s vast conglomerate, and target of a nefarious scheme orchestrated by Stefan. The heat is on, in more ways than one….

Publishers Weekly says the author “writes with warmth, wit and swashbuckling energy” and Booklist called it “a delightful romance.” I’ll admit it took me about 100pp to get into this one, and I was reading very stubbornly in my attempt to figure out the appeal of this from a marketing standpoint. Once I got through the long set-up, the story moved along at a fair pace, though I’m not sure if the Interpol plot helped or hurt. I got the sense that there were really two stories here, and they didn’t quite mesh. At least the two main characters developed some lovely chemistry. Overall, though, I have to say this book didn’t quite click with me.

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