Richard Shindell at The Iron Horse Music Hall (Again)

On October 29th, Jenn and I, as we’ve done several times before, traveled up to Northampton, MA, to see Richard Shindell perform at the Iron Horse.

This time around it was just Richard solo, and he started off his set by doing four covers from among those he’s considering for his next album (which will be a whole record of covers). I think we got Lawrence KS (Josh Ritter), Señor (Bob Dylan), Acadian Driftwood (Robbie Robertson) and one other, but since I wasn’t actually familiar with any of the songs, I’m not entirely certain of that. Frankly, though I can certainly see why Richard is doing it, I think I’d have been happier if he’d interspersed the covers throughout the set, instead of starting off by doing all of them at once. The rest of the set was a mix of his usual material, and I believe he did one new song as well, but it’s been a while since the show, so I’m not sure. Overall it wasn’t one of his best shows, but even an average Richard Shindell concert is a good thing, so I’m definitely glad I went.

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