Kristin Hersh at the Knitting Factory (NYC)

Last night Jenn and I made the long trek down to NYC to see Kristin Hersh at the Knitting Factory.

We arrived in the city with plenty of time to spare, but some really bad service during dinner resulted in us getting to KFNY during the opening act, which left us pretty much out of luck as far as the limited seating that was available. We ended up in the small balcony at the back of the Main Space, and there were several incidents of people deciding to wander over and stand in front of us, which detracted somewhat from our enjoying the performance.

We’d last seen Kristin up in Boston back in January. This show wasn’t as good as that one. In fact, I think I’d say that the show last night was probably the worst of the Kristin solo shows that I’ve attended over the years. Fortunately, that still left room for it to be a pretty good performance. She did a set of Muses songs, which was great, and then a set of her solo stuff, including a couple of Appalachian folk songs like those on Murder, Misery and Then Goodnight. However, unlike at the Paradise show, where her song selection was weighted toward the excellent Hips and Makers and Strange Angels, this time she chose to do more songs from her recent solo albums. She also didn’t tell as many of her fantastic, weird and funny stories, which are one of the best parts of her live performances. Oh, and while projecting art behind Kristin while she sings might not necessarily be a bad idea, doing it from the back of the room, so it covers her face and upper body while she’s singing, is not the way to do it. Overall, it was a good show, but not a great one.

ETA: Kristin posted about the NY show here. Apparently she thought we were quite the wonderful audience.

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  1. woj Says:

    you shoulda gone to see sleepytime… ;)

  2. Michael Says:

    > you shoulda gone to see sleepytime… ;)

    Sez you! If it wasn’t for Kristin, I wouldn’t have been in NYC at all. Maybe I’ll see Sleepytime someday though….

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