Mirrormask is a movie that combines the talents of artist Dave McKean with those of writer Neil Gaiman to wonderful effect, which will come as no surprise to those who have seen their previous print collaborations.

Neil is one of my very favorite writers, so I’d been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since he first started talking about it on his blog. I’m happy to say that Mirrormask was even better than I’d anticipated it being, mainly because of Dave McKean’s stunning artwork, which really made the strange and magical world sketched out by Neil’s words come to life. The words themselves were great too, of course, with plenty of Neil’s wonderful dialogue, humor and weirdness, as was the acting, particularly the very fine job done by young Stephanie Leonidas in the lead role. The pace of the film did stumble in a couple of places, but overall it was an excellent movie indeed. I highly recommend Mirrormask, and it’s a must for any fan of Neil or Dave.

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  1. The Spice Must Flow Says:

    Boston: The Blue Room

    In the interest of making Friday night’s excursion as rich as possible, I made a reservation at The Blue Room, 1 Kendall Square, for dinner before seeing Neil Gaiman’s and Dave McKean’s Mirrormask (Michael’s review here). I’m hard put to…

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