Emily Bezar in NYC (and New Haven)

Apparently I’m in danger of letting the two great Emily Bezar concerts Jenn and I saw a week-and-a-half ago pass by without comment, so for now I’ll at least quote from the excellent review that my friend Meredith posted to the ecto mailing list:

Yesterday Emily took the train up to New Haven, and she played my freshly tuned piano for a solid two hours for the dozen people in attendance. She started off with “Right Back At Me”, which is one of the songs I’d been most hoping to hear. She did quite a bit from _Angel’s Abacus_, but also did the b-side “Falling Up” (my favorite of the MP3′s newly available on emilybezar.com), as well as “Four Walls Bending”, “Black Sand”, and others from her earlier albums that I’m blanking on now. (Maybe woj can put together a full set list sometime and post it here … ???)

A couple of our regular house concert attendees, who had never heard Emily before came to check her out, and were suitably blown away. Also, a fan who had discovered Emily’s music thanks to former ectophile Chris Sampson’s radio show on WHUS came to hear her perform for the first time – — it was really neat to watch his reactions to her playing. (Chris was at Makor with a bunch of his friends, and it was great to see him again.)

Aside from the music, we had a great time hanging with Emily again after way too long. She is a truly wonderful person, and is “one of us” as far as being a music geek goes. :) Her music deserves to have a much wider audience. If you have been seeing her name go by in these pages over the years without checking her out, now is the time.

Hopefully in the not-to-distant future I’ll post comments of my own about both the house concert and the show at Makor.

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