On Thursday, Jenn and I were lucky enough to get to see one of the second round of advance screenings for Serenity, the movie based on the short-lived Firefly television series by Joss Whedon.

In short, it was great.

Joss has captured the essence of what made Firefly so cool, and he’s made a movie that manages both make the fans happy and still be accessible to people who have never even heard of Firefly. Frankly, I think the end result was one of the best SF movies to come along in a really long time. The story hangs together well, the action scenes look great, and the dialogue is Joss’ usual brilliant work, with lots of laugh out loud lines. Am I saying that this was the perfect movie? No. There were slow spots and missteps here and there, and things I thought could have been handled better. Overall though, it was very, very good.

If you liked Firefly, or you’re just a fan of science fiction movies, you need to see Serenity when it opens on September 30th. If you’re just someone who enjoys a good action flick, you ought to see it too.

Oh, and I got a cool little Serenity keychain and a miniposter at the screening. Hurray for swag!

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