Kristin Hersh at The Paradise

Back on January 28, 2005, Jenn and I made our way up to Boston for a solo Kristin Hersh concert at The Paradise.

We had some trouble getting into the city, as the T was still running slowly after the then recent blizzard, but things worked out well enough despite that. After a delicious dinner at nearby Choe’s Cafe, a great Korean place a few doors down from The Paradise (see Jenn’s earlier review of it here), we made our way over to the show, arriving during the break between the opener and Kristin. Much to my surprise, the club had set up rows of folding chairs, but we managed to find a couple of good seats despite getting there late.

I’d seen Kristin Hersh perform solo a few times before, and Jenn had seen her once too, so we were both expecting a good show, and we weren’t disappointed. She did a great set, mixing in a lot of her older stuff (like “A Loon” and “The Cuckoo” from Hips and Makers) plus a couple of Throwing Muses songs (including “Cottonmouth”). Making things even better though were her amazing stories, which are something I definitely miss during both Throwing Muses shows (where she does less talking) and 50′ Wave shows (where she does very little talking). Kristin tells tales about her life and travels that manage to somehow be both bizarre and very charming at the same time, and her sense of humor is great. I’ll be looking forward a lot to seeing her again the next time she passes through the area.

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