The Dresden Dolls

I decided this one needed its own entry. Back on February 3rd (yes, I’ve been a slacker on entries here lately — don’t tell me you didn’t notice)….anyway… on February 3rd, Michael and I had tickets to see the Dresden Dolls at the Iron Horse up in North Hampton, MA. At that point, I’d heard their CD a couple of times in his car and I wasn’t entirely sure that I liked them. In fact, I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to end up liking them. Michael’s high concept description of them is something like: “punk cabaret.” Odd, that.

So, as the day drew near and the weather forecast looked increasingly unfriendly, I began to doubt the wisdom of this outing. Besides being out the cost of tickets, however, it became very clear that Michael really wanted to make this date. So, being the great friend that I am, I offered to drive him up there in my Subaru wagon and take advantage of the extra traction she afforded over his own car. Sure enough, it snowed — and quite a bit too. Rotten weather. So, no shit, there I was, driving down the highway and having a rough time of it to see a group I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to end up liking. Good thing they were so much better live than they were on that CD. In fact, they’ve now grown on me enough that I’d be willing to see them again — but hopefully not with another snowstorm as part of the package.

My favorite song so far, near as I can figure is “Good Day” (which oddly enough a character of mine is taking a liking to). And “Coin-Operated Boy” is far more catchy than it has any right to be.

I think I’m going to have to slot them in the same place in my head as Sleater-Kinney (which I’m going to see next week). A group that I don’t think I like but find myself listening to when the mood strikes me and damning Michael for his, shall we say, eccentric taste in music.

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