My concert schedule for April

Or, more accurately, our concert schedule, since Jenn will be attending all of these with me.

Sunday April 4 Anne Heaton @ house concert at my friend Jeff’s (Wakefield, MA)

Wednesday April 7 Vienna Teng @ Passim (Cambridge, MA)

Thursday April 8 Vienna Teng @ Acoustic Cafe (Bridgeport, CT)

Sunday April 11 Sarah Harmer @ Iron Horse Music Hall (Northampton, MA)

Wednesday April 21 Kristeen Young @ CBGB’s (NYC, NY) [tentative]

Sunday April 25 Sleater-Kinney @ Roxy (Boston, MA)

There are also a couple of other shows that I might, but in the end probably won’t, go to, like Dresden Dolls at Rudy’s in New Haven on April 24 April 10 (at midnight) and Ashley Maher at either Jeff’s house (April 23) or woj and Meredith’s House O’ Muzak (April 25).

And yes, that is a lot of shows, but I’m not the one scheduling tours for all of these artists, so blame them….

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