First listen: Susan McKeown – Sweet Liberty

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Susan McKeown‘s new traditional album, Sweet Liberty, in the mail yesterday, despite the fact that the official release date isn’t until April 13th. Thanks, Susan!

After a couple of listens, I must say that I absolutely love this CD. Sweet Liberty is one of her albums of traditional music, in the same vein as Bushes & Briars and Lowlands, but this time the arrangements are simpler and much of the recording was done live. There are a couple of interpretations that go well off the beaten path, like when she performs Oró Mhíle Grá with a group from Mali called Ensemble Tartit or does Eggs in her Basket backed by members of Mariachi Real de Mexico, but the majority of tracks fall into a more traditional range.

What stands out the most on this album is Susan’s amazing voice, despite the fact that she’s joined on various tracks by people like Flook, Joanie Madden, and others, as well as by the usual suspects like Lindsey Horner, Jon Spurney and Aidan Brennan. Probably the most poignant contribution is provided by the late Johnny Cunningham, as it was recorded the afternoon of the day he passed away.

It’s a great collection of songs, and may end up being my favorite of Susan McKeown’s three more traditional solo CDs. I highly recommend that you all go out and buy yourselves copies when it arrives in stores next month.

One Response to “First listen: Susan McKeown – Sweet Liberty”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I really better get to listen to this sometime this week. *sweet but dangerous smile*