A Noe Venable house concert

I’ve been to several concerts over the past few months that I never got around too posting about, so, rather than wait until I’ve caught up with the backlog, I’ll just try to get back into things by posting about the concert that Jennifer and I went to on Sunday.

There are few better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than at a concert in the living room of our friends woj and Meredith in New Haven, CT. As part of their House O’ Muzak (or as it’s now known, the House O’ Copyright Infringement) concert series, they were happy to be hosting Noe Venable, whose newest album, The World Is Bound By Secret Knots, is probably one of the best CDs released in 2003. I’d gotten the album for Christmas (thanks Jenn!), and though I had reservations about a couple of songs, overall I loved it.

There were about 20 people in attendance at the concert, which is a fairly full house (though there have been more), and I’m sure everyone was glad they came, because the performance was great. Noe, accompanied by Todd Sickafoose on upright bass, was by turns mesmerizing,passionate and charming, and I think her style worked well with the intimate and relaxed setting. I’d give a set list, but I have a hard enough time doing that for artists who I’ve seen many times. It was an excellent show though, and I’m definitely very glad I went.

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