“I do believe in faeries!”

Peter Pan [4/5]

When I first saw the trailer for this movie a few months ago, I was dubious, as Hollywood has a long tradition of turning great stories into bad movies, and I have always liked J.M. Barrie’s tale. However, Jennifer was intending to see the movie, and I read good comments about it from Sarah and CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan so we decided to go see it.


Even with my expectations having been raised by the aforementioned positive comments, I was frankly amazed by how well done the movie was. I thought it really captured the essence of Peter Pan, leaving in the more complex elements instead of just dumbing the whole story down in a Disney-esque attempt to make it appeal only to small children. This is a version of the tale with actual substance. The screenplay was well done, the acting was superb, and the special effects were truly magical. Yes, there were minor flaws, and things I’d have liked to see done differently here and there, but overall it was a wonderful retelling of the story. It might never be my very favorite version of the tale, but if you’ve any fondness at all for Peter Pan, see this movie.

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