Susan McKeown & The Chanting House in NYC

On Friday I got the see Susan McKeown & The Chanting House at The “new” Living Room in NYC. It was the first time I’d seen them since…. last year?! Yikes. Granted, there haven’t been a whole lot of Chanting House shows in the area over the past year, but that still seems like a really long time.

Anyway, the lineup this time was Susan, Jon Spurney, Lindsey Horner and Joe Bonadio. I’d almost forgotten just how great a Chanting House show could be, and this one was spectacular. There were plenty of ectophiles there to enjoy it too, including woj, Meredith, John, Paul and Jennifer.

Here’s the set list:

Love It Is A Killing Thing
Wheels of the World
Black is the Colour
Fuck You
[a song about a graveyard]
She’s Leaving Home
Be Brave Love Be Strong
In London So Fair
Because I Could Not Stop For Death


The song about the graveyard was something short that Susan just launched into from her between-song chatting. The cover of “She’s Leaving Home” was something I had only heard her do once before, in a show with just her and Lindsey (which is how she did it this time), and Susan dedicated it to Jennifer for her birthday. I think it safe to say that Jennifer though it was a pretty good birthday gift. And speaking of birthdays, on the way out we got to chat with (well, at) Susan’s charming daughter Róisín, who was on the eve of her first birthday.

This was the last Chanting House show for this year, though Susan will be out on the road with Johnny Cunningham (and Aidan Brennan) for their annual holiday roadshow. There’s talk of a possible Chanting House show on January 9th at Fez though, so I’d recommend keeping that night free if you’re in the NYC area. I know I plan to be there!

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