The Innamorati

The Innamorati [4.5/5]
by Midori Snyder
(Tor, trade paperback January 2000)

Set in a vision of Renaissance Italy that brings to life the classic mythology of the area, the story focuses on the “curses” so often brought upon progtagonists by their own actions and biases. It is supposedly only through traversing the Maze featured in the story they can be cured — except that none of the pilgrims who have entered in the many years since the Maze first appeared have ever emerged from it again. The plots and subplots are as labyrinthine as the Maze itself — no simple tale of sword and sorcery here. In Chaucerian style, each character of the story appears to represent one of the archetypes from traditions of the Commedia del’Arte, and each must overcome their own passions to grow into the role they are meant to play.

This is the first novel by this author that I have read, though I’d heard many good things about her. I most certainly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to those who want a good read that’s complex and challenging and full of substance.

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