Devlin’s Honor

Devlin’s Honor by Patricia Bray [3.5/5]

Devlin’s Honor is the sequel to Devlin’s Luck, a damn fine novel and winner of the 2003 Compton Crook Award.

In this book, Devlin is forced to travel back to his homeland of Duncaer, in search of the lost Sword of Light. As she did in the first book, Patricia Bray does a fine job of portraying Devlin as a man driven by events from his past, who now bears the burden of defending the very kingdom that conquered his people. The supporting characters are well drawn, and this novel does a fine job of detailing the people and culture of the land of Duncaer.

Having said that, this is definitely the middle book of a trilogy, and it suffers from some pacing issues, as well as seeming like a sidestory that mainly plays itself out separately from the main plot of the series. That doesn’t mean that it’s not well worth reading for any fan of the first Devlin book, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the main thread of the series resolves itself in Devlin’s Justice (which should be out in April 2004).

One Response to “Devlin’s Honor”

  1. Louis Evans Says:

    I really liked this book, and the first one as well. her ideas are great, I like the political setup. Actually, the only issue that I have with her writing is that she doesn’t seem to have dialog that rises to the quality of the rest of her writing skills. The characters interact, but even when they are baring their souls, or talking about really personal things, there is still [IMHO] a sort of stilted stiffness to her dialog.

    Still, I have really enjoyed the two books so far, and look forward to reading the next!