Richard Shindell

Even though we were exhausted by the return trip from ACN, there was no question about whether we’d be attending the Shindell concert last night at The Iron Horse. Though we anticipated a short set as there was previously another scheduled for later that evening, we were instead treated to a longer show. Even better, the opening act’s five songs were intriguing, if perhaps a bit long in a few places.

The main act opened with several brand new songs – some of which we hadn’t heard before. Shindell mentioned during the act that he is scheduled to begin recording when he returns home (in about 10 days). Among those new songs, we got the opportunity to hear “Grey, Green” — a lovely song about putting his child to bed and “The Last Fare of the Day” — a song that nearly always makes me cry, but is wonderful in its subtextual approach. A superb new song about a canary named Mavis was the cream of the crop. I enjoyed it immensely and hope it makes the cut on the new recording.

The second portion of the act was largely taken up by requests from the audience, inlcuding “Nora”, “Wisteria” and “The Ballad of Mary Magdalen”. I’m always a bit too shy to shout out a title (especially since I’m not very good at remembering them), so I didn’t take the opportunity to ask for my favorite song, “A Tune for Nowhere” (which I’ve only heard once live, I believe), but my second favorite song “Somewhere Near Patterson” is very nearly always guaranteed. After hearing the Mavis song, though, I’m really wondering whether “Patterson” will have to move down to third…

Had a wonderful time. Despite a few fumbles in the older songs, Shindell was in fine form. Can’t wait until the next time I can see him.

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  1. Michael Says:

    It was definitely one of the better Richard Shindell shows I’ve seen, despite him seeming tired and stumbling over a few lines here and there. It was great to get so many of his new songs in the set, and I thought it was a testament to his songwriting skills that he managed to lead off the set playing all of them in a row and still managed to keep the audience (most of whom had never heard any of the songs before) enthralled. As for the requests, “Wisteria” was the song I most wanted to hear (and I was one of the ones who shouted it out), and “Nora” was second on my list, so I made out pretty well there. *grin* I’m definitely glad we decided to go despite being so tuckered out from our trip.