SG-1: Season 7

Ah….premiere night. One of the few that starts at the *beginning* of the summer, so that one might have something to watch. SG-1, the spinoff from the Stargate movie has reached its seventh season in an episode largely featuring the return of Daniel Jackson, who had previously “ascended to a higher plane” or some such. I admit – I’m dubious about his return. While he was one of my favorite characters previously, I’m concerned that this will push my suspense of disbelief to an even greater level of stress.

Spoilers abound in this next section no doubt….

Alright….so, Daniel comes back from being “ascended,” and he’s got amensia? I suppose this is a good chance for some expositional material, but it just doesn’t make sense to me so far (yes, I’m writing this review as we go though the episode). What possible good can he do being sent back in this fashion? Just what are the ancients trying to accomplish? At least there are some great one-liners.

Moreso…we have a deus ex machina thing going. Daniel just looks at a tablet and *knows* what it says? My reaction is like O’Neill’s: “Everyone turn away. I want no witnesses.”

I also have to admit that the Star Wars (original) parallels, while a bit funny, aren’t helping. The shaft to the target to destroy Anubis’ super weapon? A planet destroyer? O’Neill flying a fighter to hit the small core target? Okay, I have to think they did this delibrately. And the rip-offs continue. “I am Anubis, I mean…Darth Vader, the dark and terrible.”

And I suspect if one had not watched the previous six seasons, or at least a goodly chunk of them, the general reaction would be: “What?” Followed by: oooh, look – the moral of the story (wherein the rest of SG-1 says lots of pithy things to Jonas).

To sum up: Interesting character bits. Lovely use of background mythology. But weak, weak plot. Saved by many, many, many good one-liners. Lots of ‘em.

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