Cranes – Forever

Alison Shaw’s voice….what’s the word? Ethereal….haunting….otherworldly. She whisps along in a voice that shouldn’t work with the music, but does. Sometimes she sounds lost, but almost deliberately so. Other times she grooves along in a more dramatic fashion. And I don’t think I was expected to like it as much as I do. But I do. Ten years behind the times, granted (the album was originally released in 1993), but I’m sure enjoying listening to it. For me, it’s the vocals that make it, but the music varies from spooky to more driving beats, which is also intriguing. Plus, there are lots of strings – mostly guitar, granted. But some cello (yum), violins and so forth as well. Even though I’m always a piano-slut first, I must admit that strings really do it for me.

Song List:
far away
sun and sky
and ever

2 Responses to “Cranes – Forever”

  1. Michael Says:

    You’re right, you know, I hadn’t really expected you to like the Cranes as much as you do. I guess that’ll teach me to prejudge these things. Or at least it should.

  2. Andre´Müller Says:

    The Cranes are a part of my life.
    When I bought “Forever” in 1995 I was already in love with the sound and the feeling this album gave me.
    “Loved” was the first Album I´ve got as a present from my brother in summer´95.

    I just want to say it helped my through very difficult times, when I had problems with myself, drugs I were addicted to and stuff that came out of that.
    The Cranes are still a good reminder for me what happend at that time.
    The pity thing is that I never had the Pleasure to see and hear them live (my brother did twice!!).
    I´m from eastgermany and he saw the cranes in Dresden at the Panzerhof in 96 or even 95.
    I would like to know what the band is doing right now (tourplans etc).
    The last thing I´ve heard was from a friend in brussels, she saw them there.