More Cowboy Junkies

Jenn and I went to see the Cowboy Junkies at the Iron Horse on Thursday, and since she’s offered her view of the show (and also posted a set list), I should probably offer some comments as well.

We had seen Cowboy Junkies at the Iron Horse once before, and had been fortunate enough to sit right up against the stage in front of Margo. That gave the show a more intimate feel than sitting on the upper level this time did, but the Iron Horse is a small enough venue that they were still fine seats.

I enjoyed the way they started off the show as a duo of just Margo and Michael, and then added two players for the “Folk Fusion” quartet, and then moved on to the whole band. There were a few clunky moments, which I guess Margo has described as shaking the rust off (since it had been their first show in a while), but they seemed to handle it all with grace and good humor. It was great to get to hear the two new songs too (and I think “No Long Journey Home” is a definite winner). In fact, other than the fact that the venue decided to cut things short to get in the people for the second show, it was a grand time.

I must admit though that I do still wonder though why some people pay $35 for a ticket so they can talk and annoy everyone near them for the whole set.

Anyway, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the Cowboy Junkies again the next time they pass through the area.

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