Cowboy Junkies

Concert at The Iron Horse on Thursday, May 29th, 7pm

Set List:
The Slide (Margo & Mike)
Anniversary Song (Margo & Mike)
Black Eyed Man (Folk Fusion Quartet)
Cold Evening Wind (Folk Fusion Quartet)
Close My Eyes (Folk Fusion Quartet)
Crescent Moon (full band for remainder)
Cause Cheap Is How I Feel
I Don’t Get It
No Long Journey Home (debut)
This World Dreams of (debut)
Come Calling (His Song)
Common Disaster
From Hunting Ground to City
Miles From Our Home
Lost My Driving Wheel
(no encore)

While I was disappointed that there was no encore (in fact, I think that’s the first time that’s ever happened at this venue for me), at least I got to hear two songs that were brand new to the stage. I also think this might have been the first time I got to hear “A Common Disaster” live. Since that was the first song by this group I ever heard, that was pretty satisfying. And, despite a couple stumbles here and there (for instance, the second song got off to a rough start), I enjoyed the show. On the whole, a satisfying evening.

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