December 21, 2003: 9:07 pm: Miscellaneous

I’ve added a “Recent Comments” section to the sidebar, which lists the last five comments that have been made.

November 24, 2003: 7:44 pm: Miscellaneous

There’s a new collaborative blog about gaming out there called The 20′ By 20′ Room, and if the articles posted so far are any indication of how things are going to go, it’s definitely worth a read. There are already some familiar names involved, like Jack and Ginger, as well as others that I probably should have been familiar with long before now. It’s well worth checking out.

November 23, 2003: 9:12 pm: Miscellaneous

Lately I’ve noticed that when I post to Flaming Monkey, the status of the blog doesn’t seem to change on the blogrolling lists of people who link to me. I can get it to update by using the form at blogrolling.com, and when I post to Wake Up it seems to work fine, so I don’t know what’s going on.

November 16, 2003: 8:19 pm: Miscellaneous

Well, the first attempt at Flaming Monkey fizzled, but I’m going to get another monkey in here and set it alight. Hopefully I’ll be able to get up some actual momentum this week, and post on at least a semi-regular basis.

October 18, 2003: 8:44 am: Miscellaneous

French Guard
I’m French! Why do think I have this outrageous
accent, you silly king-a?!

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

October 7, 2003: 8:57 pm: Miscellaneous

Given the name of the blog, I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a link to Monkey Lander, a Flash/Shockwave-based game good for a few minutes of distraction.

October 6, 2003: 10:23 pm: Miscellaneous

This blog has recently been mentioned in posts by both Arref and Ginger, so I suppose I should motivate myself to get more actual content posted. Perhaps that’s what I’ll spend tomorrow evening doing….

September 23, 2003: 11:00 pm: Miscellaneous

Flaming Monkey is a weblog where I plan to talk about my gaming experiences and thoughts, which don’t seem to fit very well over on either my political blog (Wake Up) or the blog that I share with my friend Jenn (Of Two Minds). Hopefully I’ll find the time to post to it on a regular basis, though I don’t anticipate keeping up with some of the more prolific posters in the gaming sphere.

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