Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one doing the playing.

While I was travelling to ACUS, Vincent Baker posted to The Forge about the latest episode of his Primetime Adventures campaign, Epidemonology. Lots of useful insight into how necessary one of the rules turned out to be.

Oh, and I never noted something cool from Vincent’s previous post about the game, which is the use of cards.

We play with cards instead of dice. Red cards are successes, high card has buck-stoppage. This is going to be hard to explain, I think, but playing the game with cards is more fun than playing it with dice. I expected it to be just as much fun, but nope! It’s more fun. I think it’s because the interaction is streamlined. With dice, we count up how many dice everybody gets, then we roll them, then we count successes etc. With cards, dealing them out takes the place of both the counting up and the rolling. I’m like, “how many cards, three? Four? Okay, fwap fwap fwap fwap.” It’s a good little interaction. So I’d recommend playing with cards to anybody.

It looks like Matt Wilson is considering making cards the main way to play in the next edition, and they seem to still be working out well for Vincent’s group, so if I ever get the chance to play/run PTA, I think I’ll suggest cards over dice.